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5 Outfit Ideas for Medical School & Residency Interviews

Curated selection of safe choices for your next medical school or residency pre interview dinner.

What should you wear to your next medical school or residency interview?

I get asked this question a lot – should I try to stand out or should I wear a more traditional suit and tie? Ladies ask me if a skirt suit or a pants suit is more appropriate and if stockings are necessary.

I believe a picture is worth a thousand words so check out some of the outfits I suggest for both men and women when going on med school and residency pre interview dinners.

Pre-Interview Dinner

White mid-sleeve shirt with black tailored trousers
Cap sleeved dress with nude heels
Polka dot top with simple black skirt
Classic wrap dress (any color will work!)
Simple, flattering knee length dress in a pretty color

No matter what you choose I would suggest not wearing jeans, open toed shoes, or leggings/work-out clothing. Of course there are exception such as programs that explicitly say to wear jeans. No matter what you choose to wear arrive on time, have a positive attitude, and be yourself. Those traits will take you further than your outfit.

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