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Should You Buy OnlineMedEd?

My review of the free, popular clerkship studying platform - OnlineMedEd: the online, media-based learning platform for medical students, healthcare professionals, and institutions.

As you pass all of the steps to become a third year medical school student, including USMLE Step 1 & COMLEX Level 1, you begin to wonder when your long days of studying will end. Eventually you realize this is only the beginning as third year medical school clerkships start and you end your rotations with the common, end of rotation shelf exams. You are tested on more than 100 topics covering Pediatrics, OB GYN, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Family Medicine, Psychiatry, Neurology, Osteopathic Medicine, and more. 

What is the best way to prepare for these exams? How do you study beforehand over the rotation? What about question banks? Don’t worry, my team is here to help with our “Guide to Third Year” series. To begin we have a review of the #1 must buy for third year preparation. Whether you are a gunner or average student just trying to pass, you need OnlineMedEd and the accompanying PDFS, questions, and Quick Tables book.

A FREE (yes you read that right!) clerkship platform
created by Dr. Dustyn Williams.

To be more specific, Online MedEd is an online, media-based learning platform for medical students, healthcare professionals, and institutions. The company’s infrastructure revolves around a video and PDF note format that covers a range of medical school topics. The comprehensive learning program that is best for those in their third and fourth year of medical school but honestly, students at any level of their training can benefit. All of the videos are free and you can pay for PDF notes of the same lectures, flashcards, questions, vignettes, and additional resources for USMLE Step 2 CK or COMLEX Level 2.  In all there are lectures on basic sciences, all of your core clerkships and even specialists like “Breast Surgery” and “Pediatric Cardiothoracic” cases. If you fall in love with the program like may students have, make sure to check out the Intern Content, which is essential for 4th year sub-internships and interns entering into their  first year of residency. We think this makes the perfect gift for a newly minted doctor!

Dr. Williams is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician.
Undergrad: Yale
Former job before med school: touring the streets of New Haven
as a paramedic
Medical School: Tulane
Current Resume Titles: Hospitalist at Baton Rouge General
where he’s the Clerkship Director for Tulane students in the
LEAD curriculum and Core Faculty for the Baton Rouge General
​Internal Medicine Residency Program.

For third year students, in the summer of 2018 the following topics were offered as part of OnlineMedEd’s free video series. These topics are subject to change so check the website often for updates! 

  1. Cardio­logy
  2.  Pulmon­ology
  3. Gastro­entero­logy
  4. Nephro­logy
  5. Hematology Oncology
  6. Infectious Disease
  7. Endocr­ine
  8. Neurol­ogy
  9. Rheuma­tology
  10. Dermat­ology
  11. Pediat­rics
  12. Psychi­atry
  13. Gyneco­logy
  14. Obstet­rics
  15. Surgery: General
  16. Surgery: Subspecialty
  17. Surgery: Trauma
  18. Epidemiology and Stats

There are various ways you can use Online Med Ed’s library of resources. You can enjoy the full benefits of the videos and community for FREE! As students, having a free, comprehensive, go-to resource is invaluable and rare. You can choose between a month-to-month payment, annual subscription, quick-tables book, intern guide,  and more. The key benefit to purchasing the quick tables book is access to a white coat worthy, small book of high yield information. As we said about the internship book, it is a must buy gift for a new doctor who is about to begin their intern year and wants a fresh refresher of topics they have not reviewed in awhile.  Also, the month to month or yearly subscriptions give you the best bang for your buck as there are PDF files that you can print out and use for notes. Just a quick glance at these the night before and the morning of your shelf exam, and you can probably get more than an handful of shelf exam questions correct. These PDF files are basically transcripts of the free videos. 

So what are you waiting for? If you are a second year just finishing boards, a third year navigating rotations, shelf exams, and  COMAT exams,  or a fourth year about to begin your new residency position.

Sign-up for free now: 

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