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Introducing…. Dr. Ashley Roxanne

May 22, 2019: Dr. Ashley Roxanne emerges.

From early 2014 to the very end of 2017, I had a successful medical blog called “Daily Medicine”. As the founder of a multimedia company, I created content aimed towards pre-medical students seeking entrance to medical school. This platform served as a mentoring network which has lead to the direct influence of more than a dozen students gaining entrance to allopathic and osteopathic medical schools.

Over three years of active growth, we obtained over 5,000 participants in our programs, groups, and online communities. Simultaneously, Daily Medicine received over 100,000 total engagements. We collaborated with various leaders in medicine, across more than 10 specialities, to provide students and peers with exclusive information. This position helped develop my passion for mentoring, content creation abilities, and professionalism as I interacted with colleagues and established physicians.

I loved Daily Medicine & thus when I decided to close the company after 10 months of struggling to produce content as boards, moving over 5 states away, and starting to work 60+ hr weeks during clinicals, I felt something missing. I knew I had to focus on school & securing my degree but I always wondered if I would blog again.

Now with more life lessons under my belt & all board tests for graduation & all audition rotations completed for 4th year, I am back but as me.

May 22, 2019: Dr. Ashley Roxanne emerges.

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  1. Hey. Ashley. Congratulations. Check. Out. My. New. Book. On. Amazon. Ward. Of. The. Court. By. Christopher. L. Hall. Md

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